Aviation marketing consultant

Laurentiu Nicolae

Grow and scale your aviation business through digital marketing and technology

Digital marketer, Entrepreneur, Private Pilot, Aviation Marketing Consultant.

I started as a web developer, then migrated to digital marketing and entrepreneurship. I have a passion for building things and making them known.

Are you getting enough clients for your business? Would you like to get more? Contact me for a free marketing consulting call for your aviation-related business.

I have helped grow through marketing and technology:

  • Airtreks – an US company selling round the world tickets (that grew multiple times in the 9 years of collaboration)
  • FlyingAssist – aviation portal built and grown from scratch
  • Appy Ventures – UK idea and startup accelerator
  • DentalMed – luxury dental clinic (grew multiple times through digital marketing in our 10+ years collaboration)
  • NutritioApp – technical startup for the nutrition industry
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Aviation Marketing Tech Consultant

You will get more clients through digital marketing if you are a

  • Business Aviation Company
  • Private Charter Jet
  • Air Ambulance
  • Aircraft Broker
  • Regional Airline
  • Flight School
  • Aviation Association
  • Flying Club
  • Aviation Startup

Attract more clients

Increase your brand visibility

Grow your profit

How it works

1. Develop an effective marketing strategy

  • assess the strengths of your business
  • create a buyer persona (the profile of your ideal clients)
  • explore methods and platforms to reach potential customers

2. Design and optimise your website for higher conversion

  • We will ensure that your existing or new website is ready to engage visitors and convert them into customers.
  • I’ve analyzed hundreds of websites and created a validated website structure specifically for aviation businesses that will be personalized for your business

3. Increase website traffic

  • SEO optimisation – We will make sure your company and website are prominently visible when customers search for related keywords.
  • Content marketing – Our expert team will help create campaigns to engage your target market.
  • Strengthen social media presence – We will develop social media campaigns and bolster your presence on the channels used most frequently by your customer profiles.
  • Work with influencers – We can help you connect with aviation influencers for increased visibility and larger audiences.
  • Marketing funnels made easy – The best marketing strategy is a multichannel one.

4. Track and evaluate results

  • We will track and analyse the effectiveness of campaigns to hone strategies and maximise ROI.

“I count Laurentiu among the most reliable people I have worked with in my almost 30 years of work. He makes himself available for whatever the company needs and whenever it needs it. He figures things out and he gets the job done.”

Riel Manriquez, CEO Airtreks