Flight schools in Romania

Romania is home to a wide variety of flight schools that offer training for aspiring pilots. From small to large institutions, these schools provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful pilot. In this article, we will take a closer look at all flight schools in Romania, including their fleet, locations, training programs, and prices. Whether you’re looking to start a career as a commercial pilot or simply want to learn how to fly for recreation, these flight schools in Romania have something to offer.

Aeroclubul Romaniei Flight School in Romania

Is the school that offers the biggest variety of locations in Romania. I got my PPL licence with this school on a PS-28 Cruiser.
Training courses: PPL(A), Night Rating, Flight Instructor (FI), Aerobatic (A)/(S)
Fleet: PS-28 Cruiser, Zlin 242, Zlin 142, Cessna 182T, Zlin 526/726, IAR 46S

Locations: Bucharest – Clinceni Airfield, Ploiesti – Strejnic Airfield, Baia Mare, Brasov, Caransebes, Craiova, Cluj Napoca, Deva, Sibiu, Suceava, Targu Mures, Iasi, Oradea, Arad, Pitesti

PPL on PS-28 Cruiser: 6933 EUR
PPL on Zlin 142: 6708 EUR
PPL on Zlin 242: 8508 EUR
PPL on IAR46S: 6168 EUR
PPL on Cessna 182T: 12570 EUR

Contact information
Phone: +40213123619
Email: secretariat@aeroclubulromaniei.ro
Website: https://aeroclubulromaniei.ro/

AviationAcademy flight school in Bucharest

The official name is “Şcoala Superioară de Aviaţie Civilă” and it is one of the oldest and biggest flight schools in Romania.

Training courses: PPL(A) (H), CPL(A) (H), IR, ATPL, MEP, Night Rating, Aerobatic Rating, and more.

Fleet: Cessna 172SP, Tecnam P2008JC, Piper SENECA V, EXTRA NG, BN2, Tecnam P2006T, Beechcraft BE90, simulators

Locations: Bucharest – Baneasa international airport and Ploiesti – Strejnic airfield.

PPL on Cessna172: 9.965 EUR
PPL on Tecnam P2008: 8.305 EUR
Integrated ATPL: 43.325 EUR
ATPL theory: 2500 – 5000 EUR (in class or remote)

Contact info
Phone: +4 0721 326 336
Email: info@aviationacademy.ro
Website: https://aviationacademy.ro/

Jetav Flight School

Training courses: PPL, Night Rating, FI, Instrumental Rating, CPL, ATPL, Type Rating B737

Fleet: Cessna 172RG, Cessna 150M, Tecnam P2008JC, Piper PA 34 Seneca, Boeing 737

Locations: Ploiesti – Strejnic airfield, Bucharest

PPL 9000 EUR
ATPL: 44350 EUR

Contact info
Phone: +40737880100
Email: office@jetav.ro
Website: https://jetav.ro/en/

Aero Vip Regional Services

Training courses: PPL, NR
Fleet: Cessna 172
Contact info:
Phone: +40720077785
Website: http://aeroviprs.ro/

Regional Air Services Flight School in Tuzla – Constanta

Training Courses: PPL, CPL, ATPL, IR, MEP, NR, FI
Fleet: Diamond DA-20 Katana, Diamond DA-40 TDI, Diamond DA-42
Location: Tuzla Constanta Airfield, Ilfoveni Airfield
ATPL: 42525 EUR
Contact info:
Phone number: +40375390390
Email: office@regional-air.ro
Website: https://www.regional-air-school.com/en/home/

West Wings Aviation Flight School in Arad, Romania

Training Courses: PPL, NR
Fleet: Reims-Cessna F150G
Location: Arad International Airport
Contact info:
Phone number: +(40) 740 120 012
Email: office@west-wings-aviation.eu
Website: https://west-wings-aviation.eu/

AERO WEST Flight School in Timisoara, Romania

Training Courses: PPL, NR, IR, CPL, ATPL
Fleet: Cessna 172J, Cessna 152 II, Cessna 172 RG, Cessna 150H, Piper Seneca II, Socata TB10, Lake LA-4-200, Cessna 172A, Cessna 172F, P28 –Cruiser, Cessna 150 J, Evektor SportStar RTC
Location: Buzias Airfield
Contact info:
Phone number: +40735 842 540
Email: support@aerowest.ro
Website: https://aerowest.ro/


Training Courses: PPL, CPL, ATPL, NR
Fleet: Cessna 172 RG, Evektor Sportstar, Cessna F172F
Location: Ghimbav Airfied, Brasov
PPL on EVEKTOR SportStart: 9100 EUR
Contact info:
Phone number: +40 754 957 803
Email: office@transylvaniawings.ro
Website: https://www.transilvaniawings.com/

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